Further Expertise

Damp & Condensation

We offer specialist investigation into damp and condensation problems to identify the likely cause and source of the damp and remedial works necessary to reduce/control the damp.

A systematic approach to identifying the source of damp is used with non-destructive testing (e.g using probes over a period of time) and if necessary, destructive testing (e.g material testing of brickwork, plaster etc).

Damp investigations typically follow the same procedure:

  • Review the history of dampness to the property and interview the owner or occupier as appropriate;
  • Carry out a desk top study of as-built drawings, specifications, maintenance manuals, previous repairs etc.;
  • Visual site inspection of the damp and associated areas together with testing with a conductivity type moisture meter to establish dampness patterns etc. (to Level 2 and in part Level 3);
  • Further investigations, opening up, removal of samples for laboratory testing etc. where necessary to confirm source of dampness (to Level 3, 4 & 5);
damp on a building outside - RC Associates

The Key Monitoring Levels are:

  • Level 1 – mainly visual but also using other senses; building/human interaction;
  • Level 2 – using electronic moisture meters (EMM), in resistance and capacitance modes;
  • Level 3 – using EMM accessories: non-invasive and/or invasive;
  • Level 4 – using carbide meters (sometimes oven drying);
  • Level 5 – using sophisticated data logging and wireless equipment

Cracking or Movement to a Building

Mortgage valuation surveys and Homebuyer surveys often raise the issue of cracking or movement to a building with the advice to obtain a Building Surveyors report on such. We are happy to assist with such inspections providing a written report on the likely cause of the problem and recommend remedial actions.

Maintenance Surveys

We can carry out a detailed inspection of buildings for the production of Forward Maintenance Plans which will identify remedial works necessary to put or maintain the property in good condition. The forward maintenance plan indicates the priority of the various works needed together with a timescale to complete works and an indication of budget costs.

Building Disputes

With the rise of more people extending their property rather than moving, there has been a rise in disputes between home owners and building contractors. The causes of disputes can be reduced with professional input at the start of a project with a specification being produced and a tendering procedure being followed. However if matters have gone array and a breakdown in communication between the parties involved had developed early intervention by a chartered building surveyor can bring matters to a satisfactory conclusion for all concerned. A site survey would be carried out and the issues identified and discussed, a proposal for any remedial works agreed promptly and effectively with the aim of settling the maters in dispute.

Expert Witness

Richard Clarke has accepted numerous appointments either as a joint or single expert producing reports in respect of building matters for use by the Parties or Courts in determining matters in dispute. Such instructions being carried out in compliance with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Practice Statement and Guidance Note “Surveyors Acting as Expert Witnesses” and also in compliance with the Civil Procedure Rules PART 35 – EXPERTS AND ASSESSORS

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